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Summer Camp Success

Just finished up a great summer of hockey!


Our goal at Hockey Factor is to give hockey players premier content so they can learn and develop proper skills/technique to give players the best opportunity to succeed.

About Us

Hockey Factor, LLC was built on a love and passion for the game of hockey.  Hockey Factor Academy camps have become known as one of the premier Wisconsin hockey camps.  We make sure that each session is full of quality content and that each player gets proper repetitions.  We hold several camps/clinics throughout the year as well as offer our off-ice training programs and private/group lessons.

We started off selling our programs to local associations in Wisconsin and now want to expand it to everyone in the country and internationally.  We are currently in four countries and expanding further. Our primary goal is to help hockey players improve their playing abilities, so we have created specific exercise programs just for hockey players.  Our programs range from strictly off-season training programs to gain muscular strength and endurance to in-season programs to keep players conditioned. The off-season is the most crucial part of the year, as it allows athletes to be able to see results the next year and take their game to the next level.  This is the time to build up strength, power, speed, endurance and agility.  Get ready to take your game to the next level!

Being properly conditioned to play your sport also reduces your risk for injury.  More than 50% of injuries suffered by younger athletes can be avoided if they are properly conditioned.  Our goal is to help each athlete lower this risk of injury so they can compete at their full potential the entire length of the season.  We want you to play the game we all love as long as possible.  You never know when your last game may be, so we want you to make the best of it!


Nick (Szal) and the Hockey Factor staff have put on great camps year after year.  They have all pushed my son and have made a tremendous difference in his game.  This is a camp I will always recommend for players of any age!  


Nick has done lessons for my children for two years now and will continue to have him work with them. He has improved their skills greatly. He breaks down each skill of the game down and is able to communicate that with the kids. I'm excited to see the improvement of my children as the years go on.


We have bought all of Hockey Factors training programs and love them! They are easy to follow step by step exercises. Plus the prices are amazing! I used a workout plan prior to Hockey Factor for my kids team that was more than double to price and didn't have the great instruction like Hockey Factor. Love the products and looking forward to the next ones!


Nick "Szal" has been a great role model and coach for our son.  Very few coaches have the passion and skills that he has for the players.  

Author's name

Thanks for being a great coach and working with the kids.  You are well respected and appreciated!

Susan K.

Thanks again for all that you do to positively influence our son. We are very fortunate to have a great role model like you in his life.  


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