Doing things correctly not quickly

Now that we are in full swing of the off season.  I have been getting a lot of questions from parents and coaches about trying to get their player to advance quicker.  There are many different things that I preach.  The one thing that this post will talk about is doing it correctly not quickly.  In hockey as well as other sports technique is a crucial part of the game.  Correct technique and form at a slower speed with be more beneficial to the athlete than improper technique and form at a higher speed.  With enough repetitions of doing the drill with proper form and technique will help the athlete be able to do it at a high speed correctly.  This could also translate into doing more advanced drills such as edge control where having good form is a necessity.  A good foundation of basic skills with proper form will make your athlete better in the long run. I don’t stress this point to parents enough.  A lot of people want to move right to the next level of advancement as fast as they can.  Repetitions are one of the most important aspects of anything that has to do with hockey.  When getting in enough proper repetitions in it will start to become natural to do it properly.  Muscle memory and having a player be clear minded as far as not thinking about their technique will make the game easier for them.  First become familiar with the drill, do the drill with proper form, then try for speed and get into over speed drills.  Trying to move to quickly can make the player form bad habits which could eventually slow their progression.  More questions will be answered soon!    

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