Practice makes permanent

Today a saw a quote that I am now going to use forever.  This quote, “Practice makes permanent” really is the truth.  I have always said that perfect practice makes perfect but in hockey perfect really isn’t a thing.  Hockey is a game of mistakes which is why I like, “practice makes permanent” and is now my new quote that I will be saying.  I have told this quote to all of the youth teams where I coach and have told them if you practice at 50% you’ll play at 50% speed.  I have really emphasized lately the amount of practice time with work ethic.  Make sure that practices are at a high intensity and that there isn’t a lot of standing around.  I do my “board time” in the locker room prior to practice to make sure our ice time is being used just for that.  I also believe using the USA hockey ADM model properly at the youth level can bring out a lot of skill each practice.  I always go back to the basic fundamental skills of hockey.  I also emphasize this to the parents.  Some parents and coaches need to be educated on how important the fundamental skills of hockey are and that no matter what level you play at, from youth, high school, college, juniors and pro you always use the fundamental skills.  Hope everyone has had a great start to their season so far and that we continue to develop our players into great players and people.  Until next time!

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