This post is for all of the coaches out there.  Coaching is not just helping athletes develop in sport.  It is also a position to help athletes learn life lessons and help them become good people.  Life lessons are a great thing to teach through sport.  Examples such as, finish what you start and giving full effort towards everything you do.  As a coach I like to provide lessons that involve the sport as for me hockey, which also connect to life.  Not only is it important to provide lessons it is important to provide positive feedback and positive criticism.  No player likes a coach that just yells and orders them to do things.  Statistics show that a coach is a top 5 reason why an athlete drops a sport.  Be someone who they remember.  Create memories that yourself and the players will remember for the rest of their lives.  Personally I have a passion for coaching and helping youth athletes develop into better athletes and good people.  I wake up every day wanting to change another life.  When I coach I make it a goal each practice to have the players learn something new or become better in at least one skill.  That is a successful day to me. 

Coaching isn’t an easy job.  It takes patience, commitment, great communication skills and time.  I would like to hear back from coaches on how they feel about coaching and how they see it is.  Feel free to email me at to discuss coaching topics and exchange coaching ideas.  I look forward to hearing from you.   

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