Phil Danault's 1st goal

Phil Danault scored his first NHL goal against the Buffalo Sabres and it was a beauty!  Bur the reason for making this blog was because of the move he made to score.  I usually teach this move to Peewee level players and above.  Instead of going to your backhand he opened up and kept the puck on his forehand, changing the angle.  This changed the angle for the defenseman and was able to get around him.  When I teach this I tell my players that it is a great move against goaltenders.  Since of the quick angle change and keeping the puck on your forehand for a quick release it is a harder move to get set and stop for a goalie. 

A lot of players would go on their backhand and cut to the inside of the ice which wouldn’t necessarily be a bad option.  But this is a great move to have along in your toolbox.  To practice this drill, I put a pile of pucks in the middle on a blue line.  Then I use a 4-6ft divider pad in the middle of the ice between the tops of the circles.  This drill allows you to practice keeping the puck on your forehand but if you approach from the other side you are able to do a toe pull followed by a shot.  So I usually have my players alternate side to side working on opening up and shooting as well as practicing toe pulls and getting a quick release out of each shot.  A lot of players during this drill will stand up once they make a move to either side.  So make sure you keep relaying the message of keeping your knees bent throughout the whole drill. 

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