Youth Spring Clinic

This 6-week program combines all of the essential elements to developing better hockey players:
- Skill Development
- Creating and enforcing better practice habits leading to better playing habits
- Emphasizing proper skating techniques

Goalies are needed for Squirt, Peewee and Bantam age groups.  A maximum of 4 goalies will be allowed for each age group for no cost.  Please email me to approve goalies as there is no signup.  

Peewee and Bantam levels have two options for ice (1-Skill Training session and 1-Powerskating/Games session).  The Powerskating/Games session will consist of 40min of Powerskating followed by 20min of scrimmaging.  

Hockey Factor Academy hockey camps add the element of competitiveness to each activity of the day, whether on or off the ice.  The aim is to cultivate and bring out that fierce competitor inside each youth athlete.  The camps are run at an extremely high level of intensity, pushing the player well beyond his/her comfort zone which is why Hockey Factor Academy is known as a premier Wisconsin hockey camp.  Every day is guaranteed to bring a new challenge.  

Youth Spring Clinic Brochure (link below) must be filled out prior to the first session.  Please email me with any questions or brochure forms at 

Youth Spring Clinic Brochure

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