Skating Video Analysis

Skating Video Analysis

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Hockey Factor's skating video analysis provides premium content with numerical data on where your skating is at and how you can take it to the next level.  With our analysis we provide on-screen graphics such angles (knee bend), lines (stride extension), circles (stride recovery) and much more broken down to 1/8 of a second for optimal reviews.  Skating is the most important skill of hockey.  We ensure to provide proper form and technique in each review so every player stays away from developing bad skating habits.  

The Hockey Factor's skating video analysis is available to anyone who has video capabilities on a camera, tablet or smartphone.  All we need is a video clip of the player skating forwards (towards the camera), side view (skating across the frame) and a back view (player skating away from camera).  


  1. Purchase skating video analysis
  2. Upload videos (4 videos, 60sec max) to along with your order number
  3. Once we receive your videos, you will receive a confirmation that we got the videos and are at work
  4. Allow 72 hours for the video analysis along with the detailed feedback to make you the best skater you can be

For any questions on the process or questions on filming please email  We will assist you along the entire process, from start to finish!